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Birthing with a midwife

You must have a midwife / Lead Maternity Carer (LMC)

Expectant mums wanting to give birth at Bethlehem Birthing Centre must choose a midwife who has signed an
access agreement to use the facility, and supports the centre’s vision and values.


Choosing the right midwife for you is crucial.  It’s important you find a midwife with whom you connect, and who shares your vision. The right one will give you the tools and information to make the appropriate decisions for you and your baby, and will respect your choices about birth and post-natal care.

You need to find a midwife who will support your choice to pursue a birth without intervention. This understanding and goal should be made clear from the outset.

Be sure to have the support you want –
“A woman gives birth once, but relives it a thousand times.” (Carolyn Fasnacht)

1. Think about how you visualise your birth, and discuss this with potential midwives. It’s your choice to have a birth without intervention – communicate this to your midwife. Your midwife needs to be on board with this from the outset.

2. You’re free to interview midwives on their philosophy and history before you choose which one is right for you.

3. You have the right to change midwife if you’re not comfortable.

4. Ask lots of questions. You may like to ask:

– Is your midwife experienced in and passionate about primary birthing?
– How many births has she attended in the last 5 years, and what were the outcomes?
– What is her intervention rate?
– Will she provide all your care or will others be involved?
– How can you contact her if you need help or advice?
– How many women does she have booked in at the same time as you?

5. Ask for personal recommendations. Speak to friends who have recently given birth. Ask them what they liked about their midwife and if they would recommend her.

6. Be as informed as possible. New Zealand College of Midwives has a website full of useful information relating to midwives: www.findyourmidwife.co.nz

7. Speak to your GP about midwives in your area.

8. The Ministry of Health has a maternity helpline – 0800 Mum2Be (0800 686 223) – that can provide you with contact details for LMCs in your area.

9. Cast your net of mums wider by asking online mums’ forums or relevant local Facebook groups for advice.

10. www.ngamaia.co.nz offers contact details for Maori midwives.

11. Contact us at Bethlehem Birthing Centre – we can tell you which midwives share our vision and values, and are registered to birth at the centre.


Amie Watson
Asha Wettasinghe
Belinda Wawatai
Charlotte Holland
Emma Martin
Glenys Perry
Jane Addison
Jo Taia
Kay Daley
Linda SnellingBerg
Margaret Searancke
Nell Hurst
Rachel O’Donnell
Shaye Laird
Tracey Wright
Vicky Muller

Amo Tutengache Ferris
Averil Stacey-Hudson
Bev Ward
Chloe Robson
Georgina Crawford
Helen Anderson
Jeanette Howard
Judy Bellamy
Kelly Pidgeon

Keri Schischka
Lisa Mconie
Marie Woolsey
Noeleen Morey
Robyn Phillips
Shirley Marriot
Suzanne Usherwood
Tracey Turner-Crossan

Andrea Smith
Barbara Bray
Cara Kellett
Chloe Steens
Gillian Lassche
Helen Williams

Juanita Ross
Julie Dovaston
Kim Birse

Lisa Sands
Lyn Allport
Maura Ann

Pam Rzoska
Pat Shanks

Ruby Meiklejohn

Samantha Rhodes
Sandra Clancy
Tanya Smith
Trish Ryan
Zoe Lo-Giacco

Belinda Beetham
Caroline Jones
Daryl Carrington
Gillian Sims
Jan-Marie Burton
Jill Dunton
Kathy Hannah
Kimberly Bollen
Maggie Fagan
Michelle Lasslett
Rachael Gibbs
Sue Bogaard
Tei Tukaokao

Tertia Van der Walt
Veronica Muller