How It Works

Step-by-step Process

Step 1: You will need a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC)

If you want to give birth at a Birthing Centre facility, you must have a confirmed booking at our facility, made by an LMC who has an Access Agreement, before you reach 37 weeks gestation.

Throughout your labour and birth, your midwife remains responsible for the care of you and your baby.

Clinically trained and experienced Birthing Centre staff, including midwives, are on hand to support your LMC, and care for you and your baby post-natally.

Birthing Centre supports the training and mentoring of student midwives and sometimes have midwifery students on placement.  This offers a valuable opportunity for future midwives to gain experience in a birthing centre, in at atmosphere that supports learning.  All students work with a registered midwife and will only be involved in the care you receive with your consent.  If you wish to know more please talk to your LMC or a Birthing Centre staff member.

Step 2: Pre-admission visit

You’re welcome to visit the facility before your birth.  We run regular tours or you can organise a visit with your LMC at a time convenient to you both.

Step 3: What happens when you go into labour?

Just as you would for a hospital or home birth, liaise with your LMC, who will ensure the birthing centre is ready for your arrival.  It is helpful to bring a baby car seat with you on admission.  This will ensure your baby can be safely transported with you in the unlikely event you require a transfer to hospital for any treatment and will avoid any unnecessary delays in transfer.

Step 4: Birth

You’ll labour and give birth in your own private room, with ensuite. You have the option of a water birth – each ensuite has a bath suitable for water births.

Step 5: Post-Birth

Clinically qualified, experienced and caring staff will work with your LMC in ensuring you are well cared for post-natally. Mums who give birth at the centre are welcome to stay at the centre for two nights post-birth. Supportive partners who actively take part in caring for mum and bonding with baby can stay for the first night. Expect to be nurtured with gentle support and advice on breastfeeding and caring for your baby, and delicious and nutritious meals. Our team is here for you.

Step 6: Home time!

Our goal is for all of our mums to return home feeling confident and empowered in their ability to look after their baby. If you’re struggling with breastfeeding once you’ve left the centre, our clinically qualified and experienced staff are here to help. Just let us know and we can offer further support.